Infectious Disease Safety

1 CEU | TCEQ #1524


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TCEQ-Approved Continuing Education

Infectious Disease Safety (TCEQ #1524) perfectly satisfies any TCEQ continuing education (CE) requirement for supported TCEQ licenses.

Supported TCEQ Licenses

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  • Wastewater Collection Operator​

  • Wastewater Operator

  • Water Operator

    • Distribution Water

    • Ground Water

    • Surface Water

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On-Demand Course Description

1 CEU | Dual Credit Water and Wastewater

Level up and boost your defense stats because this game got real in 2020. Become a fortress no pathogen will soon invade.


The Infectious Disease Safety course is TCEQ-approved and will help you:


  1. dominate the fight against bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic pathogens.

  2. protect yourself with top infectious disease prevention tips.

  3. gain certainty in uncertain times.

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