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Navigation Questions

How can I tell which slides I've viewed?

Slide thumbnails and titles are displayed on the left side of the e-learning course player. Slides you've viewed don't display their titles any longer.

Why can't I skip to slides I've not visited?

Your time matters to us, so H2Online Training® learning content is designed to help you perform at your most efficient pace.


Content is presented in sequence to help you achieve your best result. In addition, the learning management system (LMS) enables free movement between slides you've already visited.

Why does my course display as incomplete when I finished the final quiz?

E-learning course slides have timers per TCEQ regulations, including the slide(s) before and after the final quiz. All timers must finish their countdown on each slide. Otherwise, the learning management system (LMS) may not mark your e-learning course as complete.

Why does the course player display a black window?

The e-learning course player will become idle after a period of inactivity. This may cause you to be logged out of the learning management system (LMS). To resume your e-learning course, simply login again. The e-learning course player will return to the slide most recently visited.

Other FAQ Sections

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General Questions

Some questions about our TCEQ-approved online training courses come to mind more than others. We think of them as our greatest hits list! 
This is our way of equipping you with the best information we have in the quickest way possible. So drink up; your peace of mind is worth it!

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Business Questions

When researching the best way to earn TCEQ license credits, some questions are literally the furthest thing from folks' minds.
Enter the business end of the H2Online Training FAQ! Even if they're not so common, transparency always wins.

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