Safety Awareness

2 CEUs | TCEQ #1517


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TCEQ-Approved Continuing Education

Safety Awareness (TCEQ #1517) perfectly satisfies any TCEQ continuing education (CE) requirement for supported TCEQ licenses.

Supported TCEQ Licenses

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  • Wastewater Collection Operator​

  • Wastewater Operator

  • Water Operator

    • Distribution Water

    • Ground Water

    • Surface Water

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On-Demand Course Description

2 CEUs | Dual Credit Water and Wastewater

Your pathway to boldness begins with safety awareness. Make no mistake, there's danger at water treatment plants, in the field, and in the lab. Become the solution to your own worries and breathe easy.

The Safety Awareness course is TCEQ-approved and will help you: ​


  1. increase your safety in a dangerous environment.

  2. understand your rights as an employee performing hazardous work.

  3. perform with boldness knowing what laws protect you.

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