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General Questions

Do H2Online Training on-demand courses count toward my water and/or wastewater license(s)?

All H2Online Training® on-demand training courses are TCEQ-approved and award continuing education units (CEUs) for TCEQ licensed water and wastewater operators. You can verify the status of any online training provider at the TCEQ online training website.

Am I required to pass all module quizzes?

All H2Online Training® module quizzes must be passed at 70% of higher to meet the completion requirements of the TCEQ.

H2Online Training® module quizzes allow unlimited opportunities to re-take quizzes, both to facilitate course completion and TCEQ licensing test prep.

Am I required to pass all pulse checks and learning activities?

H2Online Training® pulse checks and learning activities aren't graded by the learning management system (LMS) and don't count toward the TCEQ-mandated 70% passing score.

Does H2Online Training sell print manuals for their courses?

Printed companion manuals are in development and will be offered in the future.

How's my time in course tracked?

The learning management system (LMS) tracks the amount of time you have the H2Online Training® e-learning course player open on your device. This time is tabulated and shared with the TCEQ once we confirm you've completed your course(s).

What's a learning activity?

An H2Online Training® learning activity is an opportunity to reinforce learning through heightened engagement. Unlike a pulse check, learning activities are a series of scenario-based questions that rely on practical application and may entail the use of additional resources, such as a safety data sheet (SDS), chemical label, etc.

What's a pulse check?

Work demands rarely ebb and life is, well, life. An H2Online Training® pulse check is our way of helping bring you back to the present moment! 

Pulse checks are reading comprehension-based questions and can take the following forms:

  • Drag-and-drop

  • Fill in the blank

  • Multiple choice

  • Multiple select

  • Multi-select fill in the blank

  • Sequencing

Why are there slide timers?

The TCEQ requires slide timers. Their function is to encourage thoughtful engagement with H2Online Training® e-learning course content and time in the course that equals the continuing education (CE) credit awarded for completion.

Which TCEQ licenses does H2Online Training support?

At the moment, H2Online Training is approved by the TCEQ to provide continuing education units (CEUs) for the following license types:

  • Wastewater Collections (Class I-III)

  • Wastewater (A, B, C, D)

  • Water (A, B, C, D) including Surface, Ground, and Distribution

  • LPST

  • UST

  • OSSF

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