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3 Great Ways to Plan With On-Demand Training

Planning and on-demand training courses. It sounds somewhat antithetical, right? How do you plan around something that, effectively, requires no planning?

It's a question sages have asked for centuries. Luckily, H2Online Training can help!

On-demand, as a descriptor, may help define the way water and wastewater operators interact with H2Online Training learning content, but it doesn't describe how those operators decide to train with us or how to proceed when they walk in our digital door.

In our experience, the decision to buy an H2Online Training on-demand course is made at one of three junctures:

  • "OMG, my TCEQ license is about to expire (i.e., 4th and 10 on the 20-yard line with 10 seconds left)."

  • "Phew, my TCEQ license is renewed (i.e., 2nd and 5 on the 35-yard line 1 minute into the first quarter)."

  • "Hey boss, I found a thing I'm interested in (i.e., Ahead by 14 at the half)."

Regardless of which situation you've been in, there are some simple ways to maximize the situation. All that's involved is a little forethought for how to best proceed. That's where we step in to help, so here are 3 great ways to plan with on-demand training.

Until the Clock Expires

It's December 13, 2021, and you believe you have until the end of January to snag 7 TCEQ continuing education units (CEUs) for your Water Operator license. On further investigation, you see your license expires in two weeks. Disaster looms, so you visit the TCEQ website and search for approved training providers (instructor-led or otherwise).

Your stomach falls at the realization in-person classes will be nearly impossible to schedule with Christmas and New Year on the horizon. Never mind those instructor-led online training courses are 20 hours long and you only need 7 CEUs. Things aren't looking particularly merry or bright.

But then, lo, what light from yonder [browser] window breaks! It's H2Online Training with promises of CEUs for you! Is Christmas saved?

It Ain’t Over ‘Til ...

In short, yes! It ain't over 'til it's over—in this scenario, December 27. And while we encourage all of our water and wastewater hero(ine)s to manage their TCEQ license renewal proactively, TCEQ-approved, on-demand training options like H2Online Training are perfect for clutch moments like these. So, our operator friend needs 7 hours to save Christmas—what's the play?

Red 3, Green 4!

7 hours is a difficult plan to execute elsewhere, but not at H2Online Training. Spending the time and money for a 20-hour course you don't need makes no sense. That's why the on-demand model is so powerful: it's just like calling an audible at the line of scrimmage!

Simply Plan as Follows:


Continuing Education Units


3 CEUs


2 CEUs


2 CEUs


Hours in Sum


​Pricing current as of 12/17/2021



Alternatively, consider this offensive scheme.


Continuing Education Units


5 CEUs






Hours in Sum


​Pricing current as of 12/17/2021




H2Online Training currently offers TCEQ-approved, on-demand training courses with an assortment of CEUs that deliver the hours you need at a competitive rate. Discover more by checking out our course catalog!

The Razor's Edge

A razor's edge separates many things including the transition a TCEQ license takes from pre-renewal to post-renewal. Interestingly, we notice many water and wastewater operators breathe a sigh of relief after renewal and fail to continue pushing ahead while momentum is on their side.

When you're in the mode of picking up CEUs, why not continue the push and save the potential for another stressful Christmas at the end of the next renewal cycle?

Once More Unto the Breach

A new year brings renewed opportunities to invest in training that can propel a career forward by demonstrating career ownership, and subsequently, skills mastery. TCEQ-approved, on-demand training options like H2Online Training are perfect for ambitious water and wastewater operators. So, what's the play?

Hail Marry

Sometimes, a Hail Marry play is a sound tactic even when the circumstances wouldn't necessarily require it. Why? It forces the defense to spread out earlier, allowing more room for methodical run plays, and potentially, breakaway moments. That's what continuing the momentum in your TCEQ continuing education is all about—stretching out the buffer zone between you and the looming horse-collar tackle pain that is your renewal deadline.

Consider enrolling in a 20-hour course early in your renewal cycle. It not only gets you 2/3 of the way to your 30-hour requirement, it shows dedication and gives you time to demonstrate a new set of skills over several employee performance review cycles.


H2Online Training will offer the following 20-hour on-demand training courses in 2022:

  • Water Utilities Safety

  • Water Lab

  • Wastewater Lab

Stay tuned and up to date on developments and delivery dates by subscribing to our newsletter, The Flow!

Once Upon a Halftime

Your renewal cycle is halfway complete, you've got a few CEUs on your water or wastewater license, and you feel secure in your position. After speaking to some of our customers, we've found this is the setup for a comeback, and not for the home team. Days turn to weeks and months. Before long, your renewal deadline is looming like a berzerk middle linebacker and it's catching up fast.

Fight on or Run the Clock?

When you're settled into the rhythm of post-renewal work life, keep looking for those magic moments to gain a few yards toward your next renewal. TCEQ-approved, on-demand training options like H2Online Training are perfect for proactive water and wastewater operators. So, what's the play?

The Slot Route

Slightly delayed off the snap, thrown over the middle, and when there are a lot of players stuffing the box, a slot route is a play with potentially high risk and reward. Once water and wastewater operators are past their TCEQ license renewal and normal work life resumes, it can be hard to find ways to slot in a few CEUs. Not only do instructor-led and online administration courses restrict your ability to move freely, but they can also force errors that might've otherwise been accounted for in your work planner.

Consider enrolling in a 5 or 10-hour course midway through your renewal cycle. It not only closes your distance to the goal, it demonstrates perserverence and time management.


H2Online Training currently offers TCEQ-approved, on-demand bundled courses in 3, 5, and 10-hour increments. Not only can these bundled courses save your bacon in the endgame, but they can also make the midgame more manageable by helping you push ahead when it's easy to get complacent.

Discover more by checking out our course catalog!

The Wrap

Proactive, ambitious, clutch: all of these describe H2Online Training's TCEQ-approved, on-demand courses. Whether it's the straight-ahead run in the early game, the slot pass that keeps the drive alive, or a Hail Marry to end it all in glorious triumph, we've got your CEUs. Time to put some on the scoreboard.


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