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  • Mark Hearon

5 Easy Steps to Find TCEQ Approved Courses

A woman sits at a tan desk with a large computer monitor and a laptop

H2Online Training continues to be a source of fulfillment and joy for us. It's also challenged us to think creatively in response to information we collect. For example, despite having offered TCEQ-approved, on-demand training courses for over six months, we still get the majority of our web traffic from organic Google searches and direct linking (i.e., typing into the URL bar).

The most interesting thing we've noted is how little traffic comes from the TCEQ website, a site that links to ours 48 times (water, wastewater, online water, and online wastewater)! Check out the data below and you'll see the shocking stat. Is it us, or does the TCEQ have a bit of a website navigability problem?

H2Online Training web traffic data
The data don't lie; folks aren't linking from the TCEQ. Why?

We've concluded most of our fellow water nerds and nerdesses (That's a word, right?) are working their googliness, and power to them for doing so! It's possible our friends may be working a little harder than necessary, though. Why?

The TCEQ has a comprehensive list of all TCEQ-approved, on-demand training course providers.

If you're wondering why we're sharing this, it's because the number one question we get from customers is, "Are these courses TCEQ-approved?"

The H2Online Training website home page
Clear as mud? How 'bout sludge?

We find this hilarious given the landing page of the H2Online Training website. But we understand why it's the leading question. Most people aren't aware the TCEQ lists every approved training provider.

Using the TCEQ website to identify on-demand training providers is relatively fast and easier than you may think. So, let's jump right into how you can use the TCEQ website to your advantage, save some time, and allay some concerns while you're at it.

1. Follow the URL

You can start by navigating to the Occupational Licensing Division page.

2. Choose Wisely

Once on the Occupational Licensing page, click the Training Courses link (highlighted below for easy identification).

The Occupational Licensing page of the TCEQ website
This is where the fun begins.

3. Under Your Nose

Once on the Training Courses for Occupational LIcensing page, there's a link that's so small it almost goes unnoticed. See if you can spot it. Don't worry, we made it easy.

The Training Courses for Occupational Licensing section of the TCEQ website

The List of Online Training Courses link will whisk you away from all of those in-person courses and into the 21st century where the likes of H2Online Training lives—the world of on-demand training courses without instructors, cameras, and classmates to hold you back.

4. Shake, Rattle, and Scroll

A man types on a laptop
Oh, he's scrollin'.

On the TCEQ-Approved Online Training Courses for TCEQ Occupational Licenses page, you'll find every TCEQ-approved online training provider there is. Full stop.

Scroll the list to find a suitable option. No guessing, anxiety, nor doubts are required.

Although, there is one caveat: not every online training provider is on-demand. For a detailed breakdown of on-demand training options versus online administration, see our post What Is On-Demand Training in 2022. It's well worth your time to read because the TCEQ doesn't distinguish between online training and on-demand training.

5. The Solution Is Before You

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't take the opportunity to say we're one of the few TCEQ-approved, on-demand training providers in the game at the moment. We're proud to offer our friends in the water and wastewater industry the best on-demand training courses currently available. With interactivity galore, voiceover audio, and the cleanest presentation style we could muster, our adult learning theory-aligned on-demand courses are meant for you: the adult, the learner, the professional.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about our course offerings. We'd love to help you in your quest for TCEQ-approved CEUs, even if you ultimately choose another provider.

The Wrap

Navigating the world of TCEQ-approved training providers isn't easy. The information you need to make intelligent decisions is buried in layers of pages that, while informative, don't necessarily provide the clearest picture from the outside looking in. Following a few easy steps can not only put you face-to-face with what you're looking for, but it can also save you from making a costly mistake by trusting a Google search result linked to an unapproved provider.


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