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  • Katelyn Hearon

Help Us Celebrate Something Great!

Guess what, fellow water nerds?!

On March 21, I officially joined the double-A operator club!

Of the approximately 20,000 TCEQ licensed operators in the State of Texas, less than 400 hold both Class A Water Operator and Class A Wastewater Operator licenses. Of those 400, less than 35 are women. That’s only 0.2% of all of the license holders in Texas! Crazy, right?

I'm extremely proud to have achieved this milestone relatively early in my career, but I'm not stopping here. I look forward to sharing what I've learned with others at the office, on our UpStream Blog, and in our TCEQ-approved on-demand training courses.

To close, let me encourage you: if I can achieve this, you can too. Let’s build each other up as we continue to support, empower and inspire!

Flow onward,

Katelyn Hearon


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