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How to Check Your License Application in 2022

A woman checks her TCEQ license application status at a coffee shop

Water and wastewater operators often lose track of their TCEQ license applications. License renewal is time-sensitive. Checking your license application status online can save a week of time or more!

This is especially true when the occasional deficiency delays your application.

Checking your Texas water or wastewater license application status with the TCEQ License Search utility is fast and easy. It's so easy, in fact, it can be done in 3 simple steps. Let's take a quick look.

1. Follow the URL

Checking your TCEQ water or wastewater license application status begins with visiting the TCEQ website. The Occupational Licensing Division is responsible for issuing and tracking your Texas water or wastewater license.

You can start checking your application status by visiting the TCEQ License Search utility.

2. Enter Your Information

The TCEQ License Search utility displayed with Katelyn in the First Name field and Hearon in the Last Name field
The TCEQ License Search utility is super easy to use!

Notice the 3 text fields:

  • First Name or Initial

  • Last Name

  • License Number

Simply fill in the top 2 fields or the license number field. You aren't required to fill in all 3. Once you've filled in your information, click the "Search" button.


If your search returned no information, check the spelling of your name or the license number entered and search again.

3. Check Your Status

A data table with TCEQ license application status fields highlighted
Ah, the No Deficiency status marker sure is a relief to see.

On the License Detail page, notice the section titled Application(s) within the Last 2 Years. The table shown lists some rather important information:

  • Application Status

  • Application Expiration Date

  • Deficiency Letter Date


The 3 fields listed above are the most important to keep track of. Here's a quick breakdown of what these fields mean for your TCEQ license application.

Application Status

The application status field is exactly what it sounds like: a status indicator. Here you'll see one of several possible application statuses:

  1. Pending (i.e., not yet reviewed or a deficiency exists)

  2. Approved

  3. Expired

  4. Denied

  5. Lic issued (i.e., license issued)

Application Expiration Date

Your TCEQ license application typically expires a year after the submission date. Continue to check your application status often to avoid expiration. It can save a lot of time and frustration.


Once approved to test for a license, the application expiration date becomes the deadline for passing a licensing test. If the expiration date passes before a licensing test is passed, you'll need to reapply for your license.

Deficiency Letter Date

There are only 2 possible entries for this field:

  1. No Deficiency

  2. A date

If a date is present, a deficiency is noted.


Click on the date displayed—it's a hyperlink to the deficiency note. This can sometimes appear on your TCEQ license application status a week or more before a notice arrives by snail mail.

If your license renewal is time-sensitive, this'll make or break the renewal effort.

While We're Here

If you're nearing the expiration date for your license(s) and you have less than 30 continuing education (CE) hours, you must acquire additional hours. To earn hours quickly and easily, see H2Online Training's website for on-demand TCEQ-approved, on-demand training courses.

The Wrap

An expired Texas water or wastewater license application is completely avoidable. Checking your TCEQ license application with the TCEQ License Search utility is quick and easy, and it'll help you stay on top of your TCEQ continuing education requirements. Consistent follow-up will also help lower your stress and let you get on with what you do best: keeping the public safe.


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