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Begin right after checkout, pause when life calls, resume when you want.

It's that easy.


Why H2Online Training?


On-Demand Learning. Anywhere.

Supporting you means creating TCEQ-approved continuing education courses that go where you do, whether that's the field, a break area, the office, and yes, even home.

Dual Credit W/WW CEUs. Any Time.

Only got a minute? Open a course and knock out a few slides, an activity, or even a quiz. Every small step can be a big win for your schedule with H2Online Training® on-demand training courses.

Computer Screens
A slide from an H2Online Training on-demand continuing education course

On Any Device.

Your devices are already an extension of life, so keyboard, thumb, and swipe away.

If it runs a modern web browser and connects to the internet, it'll run an H2Online Training® on-demand training course!

Experience Speaks Volumes

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"[H2Online Training] courses are well done, colorful, and interactive."

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"I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is seeking ... useful ... learning about water and wastewater."

Using a Computer


"As a licensed educator, I'm thrilled to see this level of execution for an online training course. Keep it up!"

Top Courses

The Best Rise to the Top

10-Hour Bundle

10 Hours/CEUs | Dual Credit Water (WOL, SW, GW, Dist.) and Wastewater (WWOL)

This bundle comes with the following H2Online Traning® on-demand courses:


  1. Safety Awareness 

  2. Workplace Emergency Safety

  3. Chemical Safety

  4. First Aid

  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  6. Excavation Safety

  7. Infectious Disease Safety

  8. Electrical Safety

  9. Vehicle Safety

  10. Lab Safety


5-Hour Bundle

5 Hours/CEUs | Water (WOL, SW, GW, Dist.) and Wastewater (WWOL)

This bundle comes with the following H2Online Traning® on-demand courses:

  1. Safety Awareness

  2. First Aid

  3. Confined Spaces Safety

  4. Excavation Safety

  5. Road Work Zone Safety

Confined Spaces Safety
(TCEQ # 1522)

1.5  Hours/CEUs | Dual Credit Water (WOL, SW, GW, Dist.) and Wastewater (WWOL)

Sometimes, duty requires us to journey into the dark. It's up to us to make sure it doesn't hold us there. Enter with confidence; leave like you own the place. 


The Confined Spaces Safety course is TCEQ-approved and will help you:


  1. recognize spaces that are immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).

  2. avoid getting trapped in permitted confined spaces.

  3. operate in Class A environments with confidence.


Your Bases: Covered

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Why H2Online Training


The Perfect Litmus Test

Water and wastewater hero(in)es like you should get special treatment.


Be thrilled with your H2Online Training® on-demand course experience within half the advertised hours/CEUs or we'll happily refund you. No questions asked. Ever.


See our terms and conditions for more details.


TCEQ CEUs for You

Our dual credit water and wastewater continuing education courses are 100% TCEQ-approved.


Upon successful completion, you'll get a continuing education certificate just like an in-person course and your TCEQ license will receive some well-deserved hours/CEUs.


Top Tier Learner Support

Whether it's tech or content-related, we're happy to help with courtesy and promptness — every time.


Chat with us on our website and by phone Mon-Sun 08:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and by email 24/7. 

If that's not fast enough, check out the H2Online Training FAQ for the best answers to top questions!

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