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3 More Great Ways TCEQ License Search Wins

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Let's face it: life is hectic, unrelenting, and sometimes downright frustrating. It seems like work-life (in particular) is one long string of fires that need fighting. When the daily grind turns into the daily burn, little things can get away from us. Little things like:

  1. updating your contact information with the TCEQ.

  2. monitoring your license renewal hours.

  3. ensuring your training provider(s) reported your CE hours accurately.

Checking any of these three attributes with the TCEQ License Search utility is fast and easy. It's so easy, in fact, it can be done in three simple steps. Let's take a quick look.

1. Follow the URL

Checking your TCEQ water or wastewater license application status begins with visiting the TCEQ website. The Occupational Licensing Division is responsible for issuing and tracking your Texas water or wastewater license.

You can start checking your application status by visiting the TCEQ License Search utility.

2. Enter Your Information

The TCEQ License Search utility displayed with Katelyn in the First Name field and Hearon in the Last Name field
The TCEQ License Search utility is super easy to use!

Notice the 3 text fields:

  • First Name or Initial

  • Last Name

  • License Number

Simply fill in the top 2 fields or the license number field. You aren't required to fill in all 3. Once you've filled in your information, click the "Search" button.


If your search returned no information, check the spelling of your name or the license number entered and search again.

3. Check Your Status(es)

Here's where the rubber meets the road for this blog. Most of the information worth checking and updating can be viewed in the section shown. I'll explain why in the subsections below.

TCEQ search licensing or registration information


What's in a name, really? I mean, it doesn't change that often. But when it does, it's usually a big deal. Examples include:

  • Marriage

  • Witness protection program

  • Being Kanye West (Ye!)

If the name on your TCEQ water or wastewater license doesn't match your legal name, it's probably time to consider updating it.


This one's a little more pedestrian in nature compared with a legal name change. Reasons can include:

  • a change of home address.

  • a change of employer.

I prefer to keep my TCEQ registered address my home address. Others may or may not feel this is suitable, and I understand. It's a matter of preference.

Consider that in these days of the Great Resignation, it may be more common to change employers than living accommodations. In any case, the first step is to check and the second is to update (if necessary).


Like address information, this field wouldn't need updating unless, well, it needs it. It all depends on whether you provided a personal number or a work number for the Work Phone field. Naturally, which number you provide the TCEQ is up to you.

CE Hours

This is the one that undoubtedly stings most of us the most often. Why? It's out of sight, out of mind.

Unlike an out-of-date phone number or address, failing to keep up with this can cost some money. Namely, in the form of your job. So, be wary, check often, and have a solution on hand to get CE hours quickly when you need them.

Since We're Here

If you're nearing the expiration date for your license(s) and you have less than 30 continuing education (CE) hours, you must acquire additional hours. To earn hours quickly and easily, see H2Online Training's website for on-demand TCEQ-approved online training courses.

For more information on how to check your license expiration date, see our post How to Use TCEQ License Search Easily.

On the Tails of CE Hours

A data table containing TCEQ course information

TCEQ-approved training providers are invaluable because they've made themselves that way. Unfortunately, as much as we need them, they can also be the single-point failure in a system designed to help you. When CE hours don't get reported, it can be a headache for you, your employer, and your pocketbook.

Checking your TCEQ license after completing a CE course is one of those CYA maneuvers we're all responsible for performing. If you took a course and your CE hours aren't on your license within a week, it's time for some follow-up.


H2Online Training reports your course completion status to the TCEQ on the day of completion as a courtesy to our friends who, after doing their part, trust us to do ours. Still, the TCEQ can take up to 2 weeks to reflect updates submitted by H2Online Training.

As tempting as it is to wait until absolutely necessary, aim to have your 30-hour requirement nailed at least two weeks prior to your license expiration. TCEQ-approved, on-demand training courses like those H2Online Training specializes in are geared toward your mobility and freedom. They also happen to be great for procrastinators, but we don't recommend that.

The Wrap

Out-of-date information on a Texas water or wastewater license can result in a range of consequences from simple annoyance to serious life interruptions. Ironically, it's life interruptions (both home and work-related) that so often keep us from keeping up with our licenses in the first place. Checking your TCEQ license with the TCEQ License Search utility is quick and easy, and it'll help you stay on top of your TCEQ continuing education requirements and personal information.

Consistent follow-up can help make life easier, and who doesn't want that?

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