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  • Mark Hearon

Three Great Ways We Have Your Back

More than 80% of H2Online Training clients are on a time crunch when they sign up for our on-demand training courses. When your TCEQ license is about to expire, you don't want surprises. Add on that you're likely working with a new-to-you company, and it pays dividends to know someone has your back.

Large training companies that serve a broad spectrum of industries are out to make a buck. But H2Online Training is laser-focused on you, our water and wastewater hero(in)es. That focus lets us offer you confidence and answers where others can produce doubt and more questions than there should be.

Here are three great ways we have your back.

1. Fast Follow-Through

There's nothing like a giant communication gap to create anxiety, especially when your livelihood hangs in the balance. An unanswered question or a delayed response is exactly what we strive to prevent with our clients. Following up fast helps you feel supported even when we can't see or speak to one another.

H2Online Training may be an on-demand continuing education provider, but that doesn't mean we're AWOL like the other guys can be. We're available seven days a week with near immediate response times during our normal business hours (09:00 - 17:00 Central). Outside of those times, you can count on a response no later than the next morning.

Where lag time hits our water and wastewater hero(in)es the most is slow reporting to the TCEQ. When you complete a course, we often submit hours/CEUs to the TCEQ that very same day (and no later than 24 hours after). When time is of the essence, our ace follow-through skills ensure you see fast progress where it matters most: your TCEQ license.

2. Free Certification Consultation

The TCEQ makes licensing more difficult than it needs to be. We've actually had clients tell us they take more than the required 30 continuing education hours just to account for the TCEQ's (and other training providers') lack of support. H2Online Training is built on the belief that arming you with the right information isn't just the best practice, it's the only right practice.

Not knowing how to fulfill the state's licensing requirements can be demoralizing. Contacting us at any of our contact points (phone, email, or site chat) is a great way to ensure you're on the right track. A quick and free consultation is often the easiest way to be certain.

There's no reason to fire from the hip and inadvertently shoot yourself in the foot like we've seen some folks do. H2Online training exists to help you make the best decision. While we'd love to earn your business, we'd rather help you look after your keep first--even if that means you end up using another training provider.

3. Ever at Your Back; Never Holding You Up

When technology works, it makes our lives easier; but, when it fails, it can seem as though life grinds to a halt. Feeling like there's nothing you can do in the face of a tech glitch is made all the worse when an online training provider isn't at your back. With an on-staff instructional technologist and a 24-hour LMS support team at the ready, H2Online Training is like a chase van in a bicycle race: always ready to deal with problems if they arise.

Like wonky tech, poorly designed content can confuse, overstimulate, and slow you down. Online training providers often set up a wall between themselves and their clients; if it's not a major problem, then it's your problem. H2Online Training is set up to work with our clients instead of against them, and that's the inner educator in us at work.

H2Online Training has never been in the business of failure, and that won't start with any of the water and wastewater hero(in)es who become our clients.


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