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  • Mark Hearon

What’s in a [Great] Name?

What's in a name? A rose by any other name still smells sweet, or so the saying goes. To some, this is beautiful, succulent poetry.

But to me, I just think roses smell like allergies. Maybe I'm the weird one?

Still, when it comes to names, it's important to get 'em right. An orange had better be, well, orange. No application should be called Microsoft Works (am I dating myself?). And a rose should be a sweet-smelling flower with prickly thorns of death metaphorically representing the duality of suffering and . . .

Umm, never mind. Let's just get on with how we named ourselves H2Online Training.

Stories are Good, Right?

It's been said a good story beats great information on any given day. Well, that's a deep subject. But there's truth to the idea.

You see, we'd love to tell you some crazy tale about how once upon a blue moon at 02:00 on February 2, 2022 (2/2/22), while making an offering of tears and anguish to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) deities, we were shocked and amazed to see our business name written in the sky in luminescent mint green. Such an omen would certainly signify our ascent to the highest echelon of the water and wastewater training space. Even mighty TEEX would one day bow in reverence to this humble, yet soon-to-be powerful force of nature.

'Cuz let's be serious for a moment here: that'd be awesome (if not extremely weird and highly unrealistic). But it'd sure make for a fantastic epic.

We have nothing like that. We have water and training. Put them together and you get water training. It's perfectly uninspiring.

What took us by total surprise, however, was that H2Online Training was nowhere to be found in the USPTO database. Sure, there was an H2Online this and a civic water bill payment portal that. But H2Online Training? Nada.

We took it as a sign it was ours to run with.

Dish Out Some Pun-ishment

Okay, so H2Online is a fairly fun way of combining our two emphases: TCEQ-approved water and wastewater continuing education and online/on-demand training. That qualifies as a pun (albeit a rather predictable one). But just like any other secret society or ancient mystery cult, there's another layer to the onion of esoterica.

And that is . . . our last name! You see, H2Online Training is a husband-wife affair. There are two of us, and our surname is Hearon. So, the H2 in H2-Online is us. Awwwwww!

Yeah, it's like Pixar's Up, only without the tears. We'll take the balloons, though. Balloons are ever so much fun.

The Wrap

So, what's in a name? That which by any other name still smells sweet. H2Online Training is a very sweet-smelling flower indeed. It's our passion project, an outworking of our desire to grow closer together, and a vision for how we want to serve our community. Join us in celebrating something special, won't you?


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