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  • Mark Hearon

Apply Your Discount Code With Ease

Everybody loves a discount, right? At least, that's what they say. Then again, they're sometimes more trouble than they're worth,

Ever felt that way?

Luckily, entering discount codes for H2Online Training on-demand training courses is a snap. We're not shy to use our words here, but even we couldn't come up with more than three steps. So, let's get crackin', er uh, snappin'.

1. Fill Your Cart

Let's start at the fun part: filling your cart. Simply select which on-demand course(s) and/or bundle(s) you'd like to explore from the marketplace home page.

The H2Online Training on-demand course marketplace
All of our on-demand course offerings are displayed upon entering the course marketplace.

After selecting an on=demand course product, you'll see a page that looks a lot like the one below. Click the Add to Cart button (seen in blue) to add it to your shopping cart. Repeat this process until you're ready to checkout.

The Infectious Disease Safety (TCEQ #1524) course
Get ready to get infected ... with fun.

2. Enter Your Discount Code

Once you select the on-demand course(s) you want, your shopping cart will look something like the image above. It's at this point in the checkout process you can enter a discount code.

Note the field to the right that reads, "Enter a coupon code." That's where the code goes.


Discount codes are case-sensitive, so take care to enter them exactly as you see them. We rarely distribute discount codes by means other than email. A sure bet to get it right is to copy the discount code from the email text and paste it into the discount code field.

3. Apply Your Discount Code

Once a code is entered, click the Apply button to the right of the text field (shown in white). Done correctly, you'll see three indicators:

  • The discount amount (e.g., -$4.05 (15%))

  • The updated total (e.g., $22.95)

  • The name of the applied discount code (e.g., SAVE15)

If misapplied, you can easily remove the discount code by clicking the X icon to the right of the code name.

The Wrap

That's it! See? Entering discount codes doesn't have to be difficult. A few extra keystrokes can help take the edge off of training expenses. And while we know many of our customers have training budgets to fall back on, some don't. It's for those heroes and heroines of the water and wastewater world we extend the help.

Thank you for everything you do to keep the water flowing.


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