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  • Mark Hearon

How to Know Your License Is Supported

Let's be real for a moment: the TCEQ website isn't the most user-friendly web experience out there. We know this because we frequently speak with water and wastewater heroes and heroines who ask us this rather important question:

"Will your [H2Online Training] on-demand courses work for my license?"

It's something you'd think would be clearer from the top-down, but it's just not. Luckily, taking the edge off training anxiety is our forte, and we'd love to show how you can have complete confidence in your decision to earn TCEQ continuing education units (CEUs) with H2Online Training.

Let's tackle it.

1. Follow the URL

You can start by visiting the TCEQ-Approved Courses page on the H2Online Training website. It's a magical place full of awe and wonder, kinda like the Candy Mountain Candy Cave.

2. Shop a Course

From the TCEQ-approved Courses page,

select an on-demand course that looks interesting. Every H2Online Training on-demand course has a list of supported licenses attached. Regardless of which course(s) you explore, you'll have the intel you need to make an informed decision.

3. Drink In More

We're a goofy bunch at H2Online Training. While we do use phrases like "Learn More" and "Discover More," sometimes it's fun to divert from the typical and embrace something different. To learn more about an on-demand training course, click the Drink in More button (seen in transparent with yellow border and text).

4. Check the List

Once you're drinking in more about your chosen on-demand course, check out the Supported TCEQ Licenses card. In the example shown, the following list will be displayed:

  • Wastewater Collection Operator

  • Wastewater Operator

  • Water Operator


Consumate accuracy is our goal at all times. Unfortunately, display restrictions forced us to shorten this list a smidge. To see the full list of supported licenses, click the See the Full List button. It'll open a modal screen with supported TCEQ license sub-types.

The Wrap

That's it! See? Knowing your TCEQ license is supported by H2Online Training on-demand courses is easy. A few extra keystrokes can help take the edge off of training anxiety and help you have complete confidence in your decision to train with us. While it could be clearer from the top-down, it's our responsibility to help keep the answers flowing for our water and wastewater heroes and heroines.

And it's our pleasure to do so.


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