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  • Mark Hearon

How to Know Your On-Demand Course Will Count

A man in a red shirt celebrates receiving his CEUs on his TCEQ license

We recently spoke with a member of the TCEQ. During our conversation, he acknowledged the difficulties water and wastewater operators face finding TCEQ-approved, on-demand training. No small amount of emphasis was placed on the TCEQ website as it's rather difficult to navigate, even for insiders.

There's little disagreement from us. It shouldn't take a master of the Force to intuit the TCEQ website, particularly where the most important of questions is concerned:

How do I know if an on-demand course will count toward my TCEQ license?

Hidden, the Truth Is

A blindfolded mannequin

It's no secret the TCEQ website is a bit of a maze. The top questions we get center on where to find on-demand training resources on the TCEQ website. This can be an utter drag for our water and wastewater hero(ine)s.

Texas water and wastewater operators have enough on their plates as it is. Maintaining a TCEQ license is a time-consuming endeavor that surprises many simply because renewal intervals are long enough to promote an out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality. When the time comes to renew, not only do water and wastewater operators scramble for a solution, they often experience anxiety at whether or not the course they choose will count toward their license.

While this information is in the public domain, it doesn't appear to be a point of common knowledge. To drive this point home, our contact at the TCEQ uses this very blog as a resource. And that's how we know there's a problem.

Hmmm, Troubles This Creates

A man in a blue t-shirt presses his palm into his forehead, stressed about his TCEQ license

Not knowing if an on-demand course will apply to your TCEQ license can stop you in your tracks. On-demand courses are still relatively new in the scheme of TCEQ-approved continuing education, which leaves folks (understandably) cautious. Caught between a looming deadline and negative repercussions, many will take a step of faith.

Unfortunately, that step of faith isn't always rewarded. A continuing education course that doesn't count toward a TCEQ license is a serious problem. And it's a problem that won't go away quickly, exacerbating frustration.

Have you (or a coworker) ever:

  • missed out on a special occasion because you had to train?

  • lost a license because of a course that didn't count?

  • had to re-test for your license due to a failed renewal?

Naturally, the worst-case scenario is losing a job due to a lapsed license. It's this fear that's at the back of many of our customers' heads when they ask us if H2Online Training on-demand courses will count toward their TCEQ license.

Thankfully, there's no need to worry. Not only have we never steered a student wrong, but we've also resolved the concern completely.

A Solution We Have

An light bulb glows on a pale, blue background

We've done the hard work for you! Below you'll find a list of all the licenses H2Online Training TCEQ-approved, on-demand courses support. That means if you have one—or more—of the following licenses, our courses count.

Check it out!

Supported Licenses at H2Online Training

Wastewater Collections System Licenses

  • Collection Class I

  • Collection Class II

  • Collection Class III

Wastewater Treatment Licenses

  • Class A Wastewater Operator

  • Class B Wastewater Operator

  • Class C Wastewater Operator

  • Class D Wastewater Operator

Water Operator Licenses

Class A Water Operator

Class B Subtypes
  • Class B Surface Water Operator

  • Class B Groundwater Operator

  • Class B Distribution Operator

Class C Subtypes
  • Class C Surface Water Operator

  • Class C Groundwater Operator

  • Class C Distribution Operator

Class D Water Operator

The Wrap This Is

The TCEQ website doesn't make it easy to know which on-demand courses will count toward your license. This can create problems, especially when time is of the essence at the end of a renewal period. Although difficult to find, this information does exist and we're happy to provide it.

Everybody loves easy, right? Now, go forth confidently and take some classes! Your TCEQ license will thank you.


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